of the Association Political Vintage

Article 1

Political Vintage is an informal and voluntarily society of persons who have the same or similar view on specified matters.

Article 2

Main goal and reason for the creation of  “Political Vintage” as Association has:

1) affirmation of the Orthodox Faith;

2) affirmation of Ethics in general;

3) affirmation of the Macedonian national consciousness and Macedonian traditions;

4) affirmation of the unity, autochthonous origin and traditions of all peoples with Slavic culture and language living on this Peninsula and

5) negation to all attempts for foreign political domination, and putting the sovereignty of peninsular peoples and nations with Slavic culture and language in subordinate and secondary treatment.

Article 3

Another goal is a public announcement of texts in forms of articles, opinions and views, published on the web-site that is in the ownership of the Association.

Article 4

Persons who will be part of this society will carry the title “Grozdoberači”. Depending on their activity and participation, they will appear in the form of:

1) ”active member (Grozdoberač)”, or those of the society that will represent permanent part of participation in the activity of the Association, in writing articles and other activities, at the same time will represent and the most responsible and

2) ”passive member (Grozdoberač)”, or those who in certain period represent part of participation in the activity of the Association, or persons who entered into contact with active member(s) and concluded some kind of agreement which refers to the activities of the Association.

Article 5

By active members (Grozdoberači), one member will be choosen, who will be the most responsible and will have the capacity of primus inter partes in relationships with other members.

Article 6

With disrespect the provisions of this Constitution, especially the provisions of article 2 of the Constitution, can follow cancellation from the society and freezing of all activities of the member who represented part of the society, and who does not respected with the provisions.

Article 7

All financial and other material funds who will be acquired by the activities of this Association, are in ownership by the Association, and with them will managing active members (Grozdoberači).