The project of the West, so-called “Republic of North Macedonia” has many existential problems, because the main preconditions for long-terming are not fulfilled or are actual gone.

Illegality, unpopularity, undemocratic tyrannical system, vassal or client-state mentality, unreliability, corruption scandals, and above all – macedonophobia, all are just synonyms for this project between the population.

The roots of the rotten project:

Whole thing started with the Pržino Agreements (Пржино), when political elite of Macedonia, in closed doors out of public eyes, chose to hijack the democracy and degrading the political system to tribal, by appointing themselves as informal chiefs: two from Macedonian people and two from Albanian minority.

Latest events:

Latest shocking event which happened in the country was the corruption and racketeering scandal who was originated from the head of so-called SJO (Special Public Prosecution). This state institution came from Pržino Agreements 1 and 2, signed between main parties: VMRO-DPMNE, SDSM (Macedonian bloc), DUI and DPA (bloc of main parties of Albanians in Macedonia at that time), summer 2015, under special EU-mediation driven by the Austrian Johannes Hann.

Forming the institution, originated from the text of the Pržino Agreements, was then actually against (illegal/forbidden by Article 106 of) the Constitution of Republic of Macedonia, and this move of constitutional disrespecting was the first step forward to constitutional changes voted in the Parliament (Sobranie) this year, illegal and undemocratic changing the name of the state from Republic of Macedonia as “Republic of North Macedonia”, plus putting foundations for transformation into binational state.

Motive, or the pretext for forming special prosecution institution, was for the cleaning out the corruption between high-profile politicians. But latest scandal ironically shows (with indications for criminal case with delicta propria character) that the main task from the Pržino Agreements is failed, and with this also the main motive to exist “Republic of North Macedonia” (which was creating euro-atlantic integrated state with democratic culture and rule of law, therefor making high quality for living) ceased.

The latest scandal is shaking the government coalition, which may end by the coming months with new parliament elections.

Internal situation:

By achieving scandals almost everyday, majority of the people are suspicious to the parties and political elite, furthermore there is high unreliable thinking to the post-Pržino political and judicial system – simply people don’t believe anymore that the system can produce something for the public good.

The public administration with around 150 000 employers, loyal party-members around 200 000 from the both sides (VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM), and Albanian minority in Macedonia, are the only ones who may have interest or by someway support this system. Together they are forming the number around 550 000 to 600 000 voters on the election days. This number was showed in the September Referendum’s Day last year, and in the last presidential elections – and they are indicator that the project “Republic of North Macedonia” has serious problem with the fulfilling legal census and getting the people’s legitimacy.

Main parties from the Macedonian bloc, are debunked, and it is a public secret that there is a kind of backstage agreement for consensus about name changing process. They are both actors in this project. SDSM have guilt for doing (delicta comissiva), but the opposition party VMRO-DPMNE have guilt for not doing (delicta omissiva).

When the new mainstream parties arrive in the Macedonian bloc, breaking the existing two-party system, who has almost three-decade long history in the political life in Macedonia, it will be a clear sign of the first official step of falling of this project. Actually, the new parties will come as a result of the illegal name-changing issue. Popular support of the new parties is depended by their determination for restoring the hijacked state to the Macedonian people.

External situation:

With failed job of the SJO, the Pržino Agreements failed, which was concluded for euro-atlantic future of the country. This will be for sure, pretext for not giving datum for opening negotiations for integration with EU, which officially was prolonged for conclusion by the EU in October. With negative conclusion about negotiations, the pressure to the government coalition for early elections will grow along with the anger of the people pointed to the politicians and the elite.

The first party of the Prespa Agreement, Greece, is unsatisfied with implementation of the agreement, and having Kyriakos Mitsotakis in office, who publicly announced that want to change text of the agreement, otherwise he will find the way to block the country for the further integration. In general there cannot be implementation of the agreement if the state-system is not stable, and doesn’t have the confidence of majority of the people.

And Bulgaria, also, with her good-neighborship deal, wants to get all of the official history of Macedonian people, representing also state with the potential for blocking of EU-integrations.

“Republic of North Macedonia” also have bad diplomacy with Serbia, especially the latest “Morina” case damaged the diplomatic relations between the two countries.


The illegal assimilation process of the state of Macedonians – Republic of Macedonia by the “Republic of North Macedonia” is obvious for geopolitical reasons of the West against China. Having the “Republic of North Macedonia” based on rotten foundations, is telling us that creation of this new-named state is just a temporary grand-geostrategic move, calculated on temporary situation. But in the fast-changing world, this situation can easily change, and the project “Republic of North Macedonia” can easily lose support from its main creators.

No matter by which factor will came the fatal dagger: by the Macedonian people with changing the political caste and the political game as a whole; or by the West with removing the support in worst case scenario for partitioning the state. In both cases project “Republic of North Macedonia” is doomed, and it is only a matter of time when it will fall as unsuccessful socio-political experiment.

By Philip N. Radomiroff

legal professional, editor